With the evenings getting longer and the weather getting warmer its time to think about getting a Contemporary Garden room.

Have you thought about what you could do with the extra space? Contemporary Garden Rooms now come in many different styles and sizes so there is bound to be a design that is just right for your home and garden.

Have you run out of space indoors? Garden Rooms are the perfect solution for creating the extra room you need. There are so many possibilities for how you could use the extra space.

Why not use it as a extra playroom for the kids? With the long summer holidays looming make a play space for them so they are out of your way. Who wants them hanging around the house moaning they are bored? You could even use your Contemporary Garden Room as a home office many Garden Rooms nowdays are soundproof so they make the ideal home office space. Or just sit back, relax, enjoy a glass of wine or beer and admire your beautiful garden from your new space. Simply enjoy the birds, flowers, plants, warmer weather and lighter evenings.

Garden Rooms or Summerhouses as they are also know range in price from just over £1000 for a basic one up to £10,000 depending how luxurious and big you want to go? The more you spend the bigger and more luxurious the finish. So whatever your budget you’ll find a garden room to suit you. You can even get ones that combine relaxation space with storage space as some have a shed attached to them to offer practical storage.

Now that the evenings are longer you’ll appreciate having a contemporary garden room to relax in late into the night. However you decide to use it make sure to add one to your summer shopping list.

By popping a heater on you can also enjoy your garden room during the colder months too although of course that would require your friendly electrician to add electrical points.