Jun 17, 2019

N & C Glass Ltd have proudly sponsored the Main Stand at the Soham Club in Julius Martin Lane.

The Club has a long history going back well into the last century and the members are very proud of the welcoming, community feel it has. As with any club, it needs sponsorship to enable it to work and indeed have the facilities for players as well as guests.

Nick Flack from N & C Glass Ltd said, "I have always enjoyed socialising at Soham Town Rangers Club. I am also a great believer, after running N & C Glass Ltd for nearly 36 years, in giving back to the local community".

Club Chairperson, Karen Preuett showed her appreciation to N & C Glass Ltd's input into the club by saying, "we are ever so grateful to N & C Glass Ltd for their support. We are always looking for new sponsors, down to sponsoring the white line. Our sponsorship deals are realistic and welcome anyone who might be interested in coming on board."

The sponsorship opportunities available are for the Mereside Stand, End Stand, Julius Stand as well as Match Day Sponsors, board adverts and programme adverts. In addition to this, you can sponsor a player.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Club, please call 01353 720732.

With the cold weather now, why not have a look at N & C Glass Ltd’s energy efficient windows and doors.


Apr 26, 2019

The donation was raised by customers who put contributions into a bottle which was placed on the counter at N & C Glass Ltd. The coins and notes put in the bottle has produced a handsome sum of £573 for EACH and the Ely glazing company is a firm believer in giving something back to the community.

Managing Director Nick Flack, who put in £100 of his own money said that, "I am grateful to the customers who donated over the last year and it is with a warm heart that I am giving this cheque to the hospice – I am amazed it was so much!"

"We offer free tea and coffee to all our customers. If you would like to come in to discuss any glazing or door requirements, we will be happy to give you a free quote".


Mar 27, 2019

Ely based N & C Glass Ltd have been trading for 36 years and have evolved to meet their customers' needs.

N & C Glass Ltd are proud to be such a trusted company in the area. This has come from their ability to meet customers' needs and expectations. They provide new and replacement windows, doors and conservatories in UPVC or aluminium.

However, N & C Glass Ltd are not just a one trick pony, they will also do smaller jobs such as broken windows all the way up to tower block sized projects and large commercial work. Nothing is too much trouble for N & C Glass Ltd.

Managing Director Nick Flack said that, “having started the company 36 years ago, the company has evolved and I have a fantastic team of which I am extremely proud of. The handpicked, experienced team enables us to offer the best advice and products to our customers, both large and small. The team is also kept up to date with the latest technologies and training that is available. Qualifications are important and they have CSCS, MTC and relevant NVQ’s where necessary. I am continually training staff to get the best possible level of customer service”.

N & C Glass Ltd are looking to appoint two new apprentices this year, so if you are interested, please do get in touch on 01353 667964.


Feb 27, 2019

The uncertainty of Brexit looming means that a lot of people are literally sitting tight and not moving house.

House improvement has taken precedent rather than moving with the unknown future of Brexit ahead. Adding Conservatories and Orangeries is a popular way of extending homes and creating more space. They will not only add value to your home but bring elegance and functionality by adding a new room.

A well designed conservatory should complement and enhance the look of existing architecture. N & C Glass Ltd can simulate how the chosen design will look by the use of CAD software to help make your design come to life. They provide a choice of sun lounges, Victorian, Edwardian and contemporary combination with bespoke options. Whatever your requirement, be it an extra lounge area, dining room, playroom or study the flexibility of our conservatory system will let you create your dream in a traditional or contemporary design, with a range of colours and materials to choose from.

An N & C Glass Ltd spokesperson said that, “having had 35 years experience of installing Conservatories and Orangeries we feel that we are the company of choice to fulfill people’s requirements. People use N & C Glass Ltd because we have a good name in the industry, find the right products and is proven in our longevity in providing our customers with what they want. We do truly amazing glazing!”

N & C Glass Ltd uses the very latest materials and design innovations, meaning that your new conservatory retains the heat during the winter months but can remain pleasantly cool even at the height of summer.

Utilising the N & C Glass Ltd range of windows and doors the N & C Glass Ltd conservatory system also incorporates a Roofing System to combine product innovation with traditional and elegant designs.


Dec 21, 2018

Ely’s premier double glazing company N & C Glass Ltd are now offering a service and maintenance scheme.

Doors and windows can be likened to a car; it is wonderful when new but needs maintenance to perform properly.

N & C Glass Ltd in Ely are well known for their trusted supply and installation of top-quality double glazing, yet they are also keen to ensure that your windows and doors are looked after in the long term. After about two years your windows and doors may well need some minor tweaks and adjustments, just like a car. It is far better – and cheaper – to service your already installed glazing than to leave it for too long and have to be replaced entirely.

This is also true for your glass. If your frames are in good condition, you can have new glass installed to make it A rated, rather than buying a whole new frame.

Security is important to any household and with regular servicing, you can rest assured that your doors and windows are in good shape. It also means that your insurance is valid if the worst does happen and you have to make a claim.

A new service and maintenance scheme has been set up by N & C Glass Ltd that will check all your windows and doors, starting in January. For a three-bedroom house (up to 8 windows and 2 doors) they will check, adjust and lubricate your doors and windows, along with clearing your drainage channels for a set annual fee of £99 per year for 5 years. This offer is valid to the first 50 customers. There will also be a full report written and if any glazing needs replacing, they will do a free quotation for you.

This will save you time and money in the long term.

Commercial service and maintenance work and glazing reports carried out to suit customers’ needs.

For more information, please call 01353 667964.


Dec 04, 2018

The well-established and trusted glazing company in Ely also install doors of the highest quality.

Doors come in all shapes, sizes and materials. They can be aluminium, pure glass, uPVC, composite or timber. N & C Glass Ltd offer you the complete package; they can design, supply and fit any new or replacement door for you, both residential and commercial.

All N & C Glass Ltd doors are designed to complement your home, since the front entrance is the focal point of every building, with a wide range of beautiful styles to choose from. Our doors not only improve the aesthetics but also increase the security of your home whilst significantly enhancing energy efficiency and potentially adding to the market value of your home.

The security specification on every door includes locking points strategically positioned on the hinge and handle sides to provide effective all-round anti-intruder protection. Fully adjustable security hinge, fixed directly into steel reinforcement. Every single component of the N & C Glass Ltd system is specified to an uncompromising standard.

Even the screws used are superior grades that have been tested for 1000 hours in a salt spray chamber to ensure their quality.

N & C Glass Ltd said in a statement, “when you buy N & C Glass Ltd doors, not only are you buying a quality product that will enhance your property but also peace of mind; with security as all doors are secured by design”.

There are a range of tailored products to suit your personal needs, including Bi-Fold, sliding and hinged with design features to suit your needs.

Please call us on 01353 667964 to find out more about the doors we have to offer you, or take a look at the online door brochure.


Jun 13, 2018

With the evenings getting longer and the weather getting warmer it's time to think about getting a Contemporary Garden room.

Have you thought about what you could do with the extra space? Contemporary Garden Rooms now come in many different styles and sizes so there is bound to be a design that is just right for your home and garden.

Have you run out of space indoors? Garden Rooms are the perfect solution for creating the extra room you need. There are so many possibilities for how you could use the extra space.

Why not use it as a extra playroom for the kids? With the long summer holidays looming, you can make a play space for them so they are out of your way. Who wants them hanging around the house moaning that they are bored? You could even use your Contemporary Garden Room as a home office many Garden Rooms now days are soundproof so they make the ideal home office space. Or just sit back, relax, enjoy a glass of wine or beer and admire your beautiful garden from your new space. Simply enjoy the birds, flowers, plants, warmer weather and lighter evenings.

Garden Rooms, or Summerhouses as they are also known, range in price from just over £1000 for a basic one up to £10,000 depending how luxurious and big you want to go? The more you spend the bigger and more luxurious the finish. So whatever your budget, you’ll find a garden room to suit you. You can even get ones that combine relaxation space with storage space as some have a shed attached to them to offer practical storage.

Now that the evenings are longer you’ll appreciate having a contemporary garden room to relax in late into the night. However you decide to use it, make sure to add one to your summer shopping list.

By popping a heater on, you can also enjoy your garden room during the colder months too, although of course that would require your friendly electrician to add electrical points.

N & C Glass Ltd can sort out this problem by replacing them with PVCu roofline products which will last a lifetime. The PVCu will not rot, flake, crack, peel or have any colour loss at all. They also use a concealed ventilation system for all soffits which prevents the build up of moisture.

An N & C Glass Ltd spokesperson said, “over the long-term we thoroughly recommend taking off the wooden timbers and replacing them. We are dedicated to getting the job done properly”.

With your new soffits and fascias, you can rest easy and not be kept awake by your dripping gutter!


Mar 13, 2018

Want to know how to look after your glass windows and doors?

After spending a substantial amount of money on new or replacement windows or doors you are probably then wondering how best to look after them to keep them looking shiny and new. To get off those young children’s sticky hand marks or the dogs snuffly wet nose marks we have some top cleaning and maintenance tips for you that will keep your glass sparkling and looking like its just been fitted for years to come.

Firstly, Glass should be regularly cleaned (we suggest once a month more often if needed or if you have time)? but we’re guessing time is probably precious now days so once a month is just fine. Using soapy water in a bucket (washing up liquid is great) with a rubber squeegee or soft sponge is particularly suitable for large glass areas and heavily soiled surfaces such as the external face of glass. If you use soapy water with a sponge, once you have applied the soapy water make sure you dry it off using a microfibre cloth to avoid those unsightly smears and the cloth fibres getting stuck on the glass. Less soiled glass can be cleaned using a recognised glass cleaner, our N&C Glass Cleaner is of course perfect for the job and can be purchased from our Glass Showroom in Ely.

Secondly, always use a soft cloth with your glass cleaner never a harsh one due to scratching. Abrasive cleaners, as well as dry cleaning with a duster should be avoided as they can damage the glass. Cleaning solutions and polishes that contain solvents or thinners should also not be used. They have aggressive chemicals in them that will attack the window frame and seals. The glass units in double glazed units can be easily scratched especially by jewellery and metallic scrapers. It is recommended hand jewellery is removed prior to cleaning and the use of such scrapers is avoided.

Once you’ve had new glass fitted do not clean it for at least 28 days as the security film on the glass needs time to settle. Only use a soft cloth, chamois leather or rubber squeegee on your glass. If you have had glass fitted into your business premises and want to stick on point of sale literature you can do so 28 days after they’ve been fitted but not before. Never use sellotape though as the adhesive is too aggressive we recommend a low tack adhesive such as white tape.

uPVC Frames should be washed externally using mild detergent in warm water. This may be carried out less frequently than the cleaning of your glass but we would recommend a couple of times a year as the frames do get dirty on the outside at least. Only use non abrasive cleaners suitable for uPVC. The sealant between a frame and the building can be cleaned in a similar manner to the frame just take care not to break the seal.

If you have Aluminium frames they should be washed with warm water containing a mild detergent such as washing up liquid once a year. If you live in an area where there are more airborne contaminants i.e. near the sea, around swimming pools, where there is industrial air pollution the frames will benefit from more regular cleaning once every three months.

The maintenance of Timber Frames is very easy. Advances within the painting and coating systems of timber frames has led to many timber window products having guarantees against having to be re-coated for up to 5 years (some carry a 8 year guarantee). We would recommend that as part of your routine maintenance of your windows timber frames are wiped with a damp cloth without any detergent. With these top cleaning tips your glass and frames will retain their sparkle.


Mar 06, 2018

N&C Glass is now in their 35th year. How the industry has changed.

In 1983 N&C Glass was set up by owner Nick Flack who is still very much at the realm of the company. Over the last 35 years, Nick has been witness to many changes in the Fenestration Industry. Employment Law, Health and Safety and Technology have seen the biggest changes. From the way glass is made, to the way its cut, to the range of glass and frames, manufactured the industry has come on leaps and bounds.

The machinery brought nowadays for the factory on site where all the glass is made for each individual job is certainly a lot more technologically advanced than it was some 30 years ago. With modern day technology and changes to Employment Law, changes in Health and Safety there has certainly been an ever-changing number of aspects to keep up with. But despite all the changes N&C Glass has always strived to be the best glass manufacturer and fitter in the area nothing changes there and after 35 years in business we are proud of that fact that we are still going strong and are one of the longest-serving Glass companies in Cambridgeshire.

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